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Animation Production Management : A Session Report

A 150 strong audience set the pace for the much awaited session on Animation Production Management conducted by Ranjit Singh (Tony). Taking an unconventional approach, the presentation started with a case study on a non-animation project. Tony explained how the basic principles of production management are common across different fields. Life becomes simpler if you analyze a project carefully, break it down into manageable tasks, commit resources intelligently and monitor the progress regularly. Animation production management, he explained, is about common sense, more than anything else. Most projects run into trouble because of lack of proper planning and control over the execution. Whether you are an independent artist, student or a professional working for an organization, production management has to start with you, he said. The best systems, procedures and pipelines will fail miserably if there is no belief that organization and discipline go hand in hand with hard work. Planning in the absence of control over the execution is as good as not planning at all.

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Excuse please Sir, which Software do you use?

The much anticipated full day workshop on Clay animation in association with Vaibhav Studios was held on Sunday March 22. A house full of enthusiasts got down and dirty with thermocole, aluminum wire, tools and modeling clay to build a range of interesting armatures. Guided actively by the team from Vaibhav Studios ( Vaibhav Kumaresh, Arvind Chudasama, Chandni Chudasama, Vasanth Kumar and Ashwin Nandihalli) participants were encouraged to create structures using their own imagination.

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About Anifest India 2008 | Sessions | Registrations | TVC Awards | Sponsors | Supporters | Volunteers | Event Photographs | Feedback

Anifest India 2008 received an overwhelming response from volunteers. The final team of 56 was lead by Devang Parikh. This group ensured a smooth and trouble free festival by efficiently running and managing the operational aspects of the event.

Anifest India 2008 was held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of August ‘08. This is a community driven event, which means that volunteers are the backbone of this festival. Enthusiastic and trustworthy people shoulder various responsibilities through the event.

Volunteers are the grease of TASI’s gears. People in ALL capacities right from organizing the stage, to being hall marshals, to assisting speakers, to updating the website, managing publicity and PR make sure that the event is a huge success every year. As expected, this year too we put up an event worth remembering. A bonafide “Certificate of Appreciation” was given to all those who contributed their time and services.

Volunteer Certificate