Events from 2001

Established in 2001, TASI conducted several events during the initial years. Unfortunately we have very few photographs of these and the records of exact dates are also fuzzy. During this period several studios and individual artists were invited to use the TASI platform to share knowledge about their work, studios, organisations and projects. The G-12 Auditorium at The Ramnarian Ruia College, Mumbai was our regular host. The Principal’s office provided invaluable support through a highly subsidised venue for our get-togethers.

TASI also presented films and conducted several interactive sessions at the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai, National Film Development Corporation, Max Mueller Bhavan and Cafe Mocha among many other locations in Mumbai.

Following is a list of events (in no particular order) conducted between 2001 – 2005:

Event Speaker(s) Venue
Presenting Crest Animation Studios Virendra Chauhan Ruia College Mumbai
Presenting Flash Grafix Rohit Watsa Ruia College Mumbai
VFx in Cinema Ramesh Meer Ruia College Mumbai
Presenting 2nZ Animation Kireet Khurana Ruia College Mumbai
Presenting Western Outdoor Pankaj Khandpur Ruia College Mumbai
Presenting IDC Prof. Shilpa Ranade Ruia College Mumbai
Horn Ok Please Vaibhav Kumaresh Ruia College Mumbai
3d Animation Workshop Discreet NFDC Mumbai
Character Design Ajit Rao Ruia College Mumbai
Voice Workshop Chetan Sashital Ruia College Mumbai
Music In Animation Ashley D’souza Ruia College Mumbai
Clay Animation Films Nandu Ruia College Mumbai
Presenting Digital Animation Jai Natarajan Ruia College Mumbai
Film Screenings & Interactive Session Kireet Khurana / Ranjit Singh NFDC
Film Screenings & Interactive Session Ram Mohan / Ranjit Singh Kala Ghoda Fest Mumbai
Best Animation Shorts – 1 Kireet Khurana / Ranjit Singh Cafe Mocha Bandra
Best Animation Shorts – 2 Kireet Khurana / Ranjit Singh Care Mocha Nariman Point
Best Animation Shorts – 3 Kireet Khurana / Ranjit Singh Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai
Clay Animation Workshop Vaibhav Kumaresh Bhavans College Mumbai
Clay Animation Workshop Vaibhav Kumaresh Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai