Anifest India 2009 – Feedback


Anifest is the biggest event in the animation arena in India.Had a gr8 time in Anifest ’09. Felt myself a part of this whole animation fraternity.The event was organised wonderfully with lot of  planning which went behind it. Must congratulate the organizers for their contribution and the amazing speakers.The only part which I felt let down was the venue this time .Rest everything was excellent. Looking forward for 2010.

A. D. Singh
Director, Arena Animation

Dear all,
It was a grand success!

We require workshops with people like Anand Bhanushali from Krayon pictures on pipeline creation for feature films, Mr. Chetan Sashital and Sekhar. Certain factors have to be briefed to the speakers on assembly etiquette. Certain areas of speach were provocative on vested interests of animation training academies hiding his own vested interest which we saw after his event. I wish to mention my thanks to all the sponsors and the volunteers whose relentless and selfless work yielded this fruit.
Krishna, MAAC, MJTC

Thank you for your frank comments and suggestions. Please note, TASI has very clear guidelines that are sent to speakers before we confirm their sessions. However as these are guidelines we expect the speakers to respect our requests and focus their presentations on the art and craft of their chosen topic and refrain from presenting any material that can be construed as self promotional or derogatory to the interest of other parties. Beyond that it is left to the respected guests to honor their commitments to the Society.

The opinions expressed by the speakers are their own and the Society does not condone or endorse them in any manner whatsoever.

The workshops you have suggested are being planned and please keep in touch with us for the latest. We also request you to help us ensure maximum participation from all education and training institutions so that everyone can benefit from such events.

– Ranjit Singh (Hon. Secretary, TASI)

Hats off!!! to everyone at TASI…. organising committee and all the supporters and volunteers for ANIFEST 2009… We appreciate your commendable and dedicated efforts and offer our support in any way possible in the upcoming events… Proud to be part of ANIFEST 2009…

Puneet Sharma, Arena Animation Mumbai

Hi TASI Bhaiyon aur behenon!

Simpuji ki JAI HO!

A Big Congratulations for an awesome experience during Anifest 09 last week. I enjoyed all the sessions i attended and was a great eye opener as an artist from the industry. Besides whatever help we could provide as part of CGTantra, I personally was more of one of the many in the audience who enjoyed to the last bit all the sessions: let it be the pipeline of Krayons or the magnificence of “Little Krishna” or the incredible humour-in-voice personified in Chetan.

Thanks a lot again and looking forward to more MAST times ahead.

Chand (Co-Founder of CGTantra)


Hi Vaibhav and Tony,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak at TASI. It was truly an amazing experience. What a great turn out! I would love to participate in your upcoming events as well. Besides that… We must get together for a beer sometime.

All the best,
Bill Miller (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)

Hi all TASI members
It was a great pleasure speaking at Anifest. The arrangements, crowd, CGTantra Crew and TASI members all were amazing. It was a great pleasure to know you guys too. I’m overwhelmed with the response of the crowd.
I hope I could contribute positively and would like to be part of TASI’s future activities and events.

Rajat Ojha, PMP  (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)

Dear Vaibhav, Tony & the whole TASI team,
Heart congratulations to you all on organizing a great event Anifest 2009. I feel the complete packaging and scheduling of all Anifest was superb. I thoroughly enjoyed the same and was thrilled to see the energy at its best even in the present day climate. Keep it up.
Wishing you all the best for future.

Thanks & regards,
Ashish S.K. (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)

Hey Vaibhav, Tony and all those worked hard to make the Anifest’09 a grand success, I just want to tell you guys that you have done such a terrific job by organising such a mega event and our efforts as speakers are miniscule compared to that.. Hope this event makes our industry leap upwards, encouraging progressive thinking and collaborative efforts amongst industry seniors, and the young animation aspirants!

E. Suresh  (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)

Hi Vaibhav, Tony and the TASI gang,

I really had a great time speaking to all the KANSENs at the “Voicing for Animation” session. I am sorry that maine thoda zyada footage khaya. Session thoda lamba ho gaya. Lekin sabko bahut mazza aya! I hope they will be inspired and fired up to create many more interesting characters and take animation to greater heights. Once again congratulations to the TASI team for organising such a grand event.

Chetan Sashital (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)

Hi all,

Kudos  to TASI for this extraordinary event. The arrangement was well orchestrated and the enthusiasm was overwhelming.
I enjoyed all the other sessions, (and so did my 7 year old daughter!). Yes I’m ready for a focussed workshop on this subject, and would be available in the first week of November for that.
Based on the numbers, I can also organize for the venue at IITB.

Thank you speakers for the excellent sessions! and TASI for the great coordination!!
Sameer Sahasrabudhe  (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)

Hi Tasi,

Well Thank you everyone for working tirelessly to make Anifest India 2009 a huge success, TASI members and committee all credit to you guys for organising and making anifest reach the masses , I really have learnt so much in the 2 days I attended it!! Thank you to all the speakers!!!
It great to show your work on such a fantastic platform were in a true sense, the benefits reach the community and students.

Anand Bhanushali (SPEAKER @ Anifest India ’09)


Anifest is the only one Society which lives in all animators’ heart. I’m really crazy about Tasi from this last Anifest Event. I really wan’t to do something with you guys.
Thanks you so much Tony, Vaibhav, Yogi, PJ, Sawant, UP, Jai, Ishteyaq, Devang, Puneet, Sekhar, Akshata, Special thanks to Devika who submitted my membership form.

Pradyumn Shisode, Technical animator & Character Setup Artist

Anifest ‘09 Rockssss…!!!?i got to “learn & explore” so much from it…?thank you TASI!!!
now am waiting for the next Anifest…?hope it will be soon…?cya…

Amol Bhosale

Anifest 2009 was a major success… for students like us who are beginners in this field of animation, anifest proved to be a great source of learning.


It was a fantastic event, I’m fully satisfied and got more knowledge. All the best TASI for future events.

Rajesh Vyas, Freelancer in 3DAnimation

CONGRATULATIONS! to all the members of TASI for organising such a big event fabulously. Specially it is a great opportunity to the students of all the corners of the country to attend such a professional seminars. Next time I’ll bring all my students as well as the professionals. You guys Tony, Vaibhav, PJ and other members deserve national recognition in this field. My best wishes is always with you and looking forward for such great more events to come.
Wish you all a happy Vijaya Dasera and Deepawali in advance.


Roshan Ghising, Darjeeling

I’m proud to be a TASI member here onwards. The sessions held by Tasi were really very helpful. I’ve seen the ever best animation society built up by your comittee members and volunteers. HATS OFF to the TASI organisation.


Millions of thanks to the audience for winning us. Thanks to TASI for introducing teachers films category. Getting an acknowledgment in front of the animation industry and professionals defiantly feels like on top of the world. Thanks tasi once again for the best teacher’s film award.

Mahesh Gore and Team Arena Dilsukhnagar

I enjoyed Anifest 2009… It was informative, great fun, & i could meet many new friends from animation field here….Looking forward to participate in the next forthcoming workshop :)


Anifest has been great!
Am really upset that Nate Wragg couldn’t make it :( :( :( As am sure you all are too. Please do get him to come down soon. I’ve been an avid devotee of Disney’s Pixar for many years now and one day hope to join them, I know its a long shot but I won’t stop trying!
Thanks a lot for having Mr. E.Suresh! U should have more sessions on Content Development:) It was really enlightening and encouraging to hear of their journey through Animation during the early nascent years.

Keep Rawking!


It was truly amazing to be at Anifest, Thanx Jai for giving me new name – ‘Sachin Tendulkar Of Questions’. Tony sir, great coordination between all the departments. Vaibhav truly amazing handling of such a huge event. To all volunteers, you guys are the real heroes through which this event successfuly executed.

Milind, Frameboxx

Hi, it was great event by TASI anifest and we loved it lots and wish you very best for all the upcoming events. If you need any support or help from us do let us know, we will be ready to support or help you whatever is possible by us.
Very best to all the team of TASI.

Hitesh Gusani, 3D India City Mumbai

Respected committee members,
1 – First of all I would like to thank for organisining such an education fest along with it I’d also like to bring to your notice on problem faced by physical challenged people as I’m one of them.
2 – It was my fist seminar with TASI, we people don’t like to take help every now and then. The place (IIT Powai) you have choose was good but we face problem on stairs case at the time of entry/exit also the basic necessity (The Washroom) was under ground
3 – But I strongly believe that “where there’s a will there’s way” hence I managed to enter with the help of my friends and TASI volunteers co-operation but not able to use washroom hence I had to left the fest in the mid for all three days.
4 – We people don’t want special treatment we like to be independent on doing our day to day work.
5 – It is my request to have such a place where we can independently manage to come and enjoy the fest/seminar OR can have more TASI volunteers co-operation.

Thank You
Imran Shaikh, MAAC, Mumbai

This is a wonderful society and the Anifest-09 was a good learning experience, it is fantastic platform for everyone to display there creative talent. Three cheers for TASI.

Ashutosh Sharma, MAAC Junior Toon Club City Mumbai

4 thoughts on “Anifest India 2009 – Feedback

  1. This is a wonderful society ……………..
    And ANIFEST 2009 WAS FANTESTIC…………..
    all sessions wass good

    MOSTLY i like Pixellation……….

  2. Dear Sir, sorry but i dnt know whether i m too early for this – but wat is the procedure to send in the entries for anifest. Actually i cant find the procedure anywhere on the site so i opted for this option. Please put up a page onsite regarding “Rules n Regulations” for sending the entries. Thanks, if you do so. Thank you very much.
    Well i have been to anifest last year but bcoz of ur too expensive entry fees led me to skip this knowledgeable event this year. Actually, i feel on-the-spot registration as in A’08 was much better than u guys have changed this time. Also paying for the all days together for not proper decision as i feel. bcoz if someone busy or don’t want to come one day than y do he/she will pay the money for dat. It make no sense and also tasi ppl, plz keep in mind dat we r still students n not professionals to spend money lik dat.
    I will ask sorry if u feel bad for dis but this was my opinion n plz do consider on it if u feel right. Thank You.

  3. Dear Veer,
    thanks very much for your frank feedback. Last year we charged students Rs. 250/- for the entire festival if i am not mistaken. This was inclusive of lunch and snacks on all 3 days. Even if someone wanted to attend just 1 day, its still a good deal. I am sure you pay that much for a 3 hr movie at the cinema right? Even though you are a student.
    Hope to see you again this year. Call for entries to the TVCA will be announced in May-June. See you soon!

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