About Us

Connecting Animators Across The World!

The Animation Society of India (TASI) has been formed with a view to increase awareness of the medium of animation in India. It aims to educate the emerging generation and the public at large and at the same time provide a platform for exchange of creative and technical information within the existing art and animation fraternity in India.

The Society is formally registered as a non-profit organisation with the office of the Honorable Charities Commissioner, Mumbai. All members devote their time, efforts and expertise to the administration and operations of the Society strictly on volunteer basis.

The Society

Vision & Mission
The Animation Society’s formal objective – it’s mission – is set forth in its constitution. A more focused approach to this mission is the overall vision of where the society wants to go. This vision is.

To provide a platform for promoting exchange of creative and technical information in the Indian art and animation industry with a view to strengthening existing talent and also encouraging growth by educating and guiding prospective artists in India.

What we do….

The Society conducts lecture demonstrations, interactive workshops, seminars, awareness programmes throughout the year. On average this translates to 1 event per month. It also hosts the biggest annual animation festival in the subcontinent -Anifest India. All these events have a one point agenda and that is to facilitate growth of the individual through the sharing of expertise.

Since its inception in 2001, distinguished speakers from across the world have graced the TASI platform to meet and interact with animation enthusiasts. Through its various events and programs, the Society pro-actively encourages all genres and forms of animation and this has enabled students, professionals and even enthusiasts to share their work with the international animation community.

TASI Registration Information:

Society Reg. No. 1529 Dated 08.11.2001

Bombay Public Trust Act Reg. No. F-27484 Dated 03.03.2005