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TVCA 2015 – Winners

Film Category: STUDENTS

Winner: Chhaya (India) – Debanjan Nandy
Runner-up: Nebula (France) – Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clement Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse, and Sarah Simon


Winner: DJI Death Sails (Moldova) – Dmitri Voloshin
Runner-up: Golden Bird (India) – Debraj Sarkar


Winner: Lonely Sound (India) – Sandhya Prabhat
Runner-up: My Nature (India) – Mukund Bhaleghare, and Bhaskar Shinde


TVCA 2015 – Finalists

TASI would like to thank its esteemed jury members for viewing over 150 films and selecting the finalists for TASI Viewers Choice Awards 2015.

  • Delwyn Remedios
  • Mahee Pal
  • Nupur Bhargav
  • Pradeep Soni
  • Pratima Pal
  • Santosh Sawant


The list of TVCA 2015 finalists is in no particular order. 

Film Category: STUDENTS

  • Stray (India)
  • Rearrangements (India)
  • Cheedi Mar (India)
  • Chhaya (India)
  • 8.9 (France)
  • Duo (France)
  • Mortal Breakup Inferno (France)
  • Nebula (France)
  • Un Certain Regard (France)
  • Wand’s Wander (France)
  • Back Home (France)
  • Warm Snow (Germany)



  • Car Wars (India)
  • Golden Bird (India)
  • Yellow (India)
  • Finger Song (India)
  • Crazy Glue (India)
  • Crime Against Women Film – Porcupine Jacket (India)
  • Crime Against Women Film – Anti Flashers Laser (India)
  • Crime Against Women Film – Intergalactic Pest Control (India)
  • Monkaa (India)
  • Untitled 014 (UK)
  • Alienation (Germany)
  • Si Lunchai (Germany)
  • DJI Death Sails (Moldova)
  • Amor De Mono (Monkey’s Love) (Spain)
  • Ananta (India)



  • Superbabies (India)
  • Shakti Bhog Brand Film (Celebrating The Spirit Of Philately) (India)
  • XUV 500 – Cheetah (India)
  • My Nature (India)
  • Centre Fruit Xplode – Gym (India)
  • Centre Fruit Xplode – Garage (India)
  • Fevicol – Holi (India)
  • BSE Fishing Ad Film (India)
  • Patangrao Kadam Museum – Education (India)
  • Google Android Lollypop Hospital (India)
  • Earth Day Rap (India)
  • Lonely Sound (India)


Jury Special Mention: Films made by Kids (Non-competition)

  • The Coolest Magician (India)
  • Eraser Dude (India)
  • Little Attic (Russia)

TVCA 2015 – Call For Entries

TASI Viewer’s Choice Awards 2015 – SUBMISSION CLOSED
TVCA 2015 - Submissions Closed

Shortlisted films will be announced on the TASI website on Sunday, 23rd August 2015


Anifest India 2015

Send your short animated films to India’s premiere animation awards. All entries received are previewed by a panel of eminent industry professionals at a special screening where the jury shortlists films for the final competition.

The shortlisted films are screened at the festival for voting by the audience. Votes are counted on the spot and the entry receiving the most votes is declared the winner for that category.

In case of a tie, one winner per category will be decided by members of TASI managing committee.

TVCA 2015Categories:
1. Student films: Animation films produced / directed by students
2. Independent Professional short films: Animation short films produced / directed by professionals
3. Commissioned films: Animated ad films, promos, packaging, music videos, public service films

Maximum duration of films: 10 mins (Films of longer duration will not be considered for the competition)

Format: DVD (.VOB format)

Last Date for entries: SUBMISSION CLOSED

Send entries to:
The Animation Society of India
c/o Vaibhav Studios
103,104 Birchwood,
Raheja Willows, Akurli Road,
Kandivli (East), Mumbai 400101

Submission Fee: Free

Validity of Films: Only films made after August 2014 will be eligible

Rules and Regulations:
• Each film MUST be accompanied by its respective entry form duly filled. Entries with incomplete forms will be immediately disqualified.
• Films sent as entries will be added to the TASI archives.
• TASI reserves the right to use any/all of the entries for its promotional activities.
• Students have to provide a letter from their institute certifying validity of film(s) for student category.
• TASI reserves the right to accept/reject entries at its discretion.
• The Viewer’s Choice Award consists of one single trophy per category.
• In case of a tie, one winner per category will be decided by members of TASI managing committee.
• Each entry to be submitted on a separate DVD.
• Entry must be a standalone film, clip or sequence. Campaigns and episodic series will NOT be considered.
• In case of episodic series, each episode may be submitted as a standalone entry.
• The prizes have to be collected from TASI by the winners within 30 days from Anifest India 2015, failing which TASI reserves the right to award the winnings to the next best film. All applicable taxes, levies, transportation and other costs to be borne by the respective awardees.
• Decision of the society regarding any/all of the above will be final and binding on all parties without prejudice

Send your queries to: