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Fur In The Jungle

Speaker: Anand Bhanushali
27th Feb. 2010
Time: 1 pm to 6 pm
Venue: Bhaikaka Bhavan, Law Garden, Ahmedabad
Day Pass:
Students 50/-
Professionals 100/-

Ever wonder how they create that amazing hair on creatures? This session will explain the entire process of fur creation in a movie production. From exploring optimal pipeline design to R&D, this masterclass will show what it takes to make amazing looking fur that is seen in most animation movies of recent times. The session will be extremely useful for students as well as professionals.

Anand Bhanushali is currently a Technical Director at Krayon Pictures and has been instrumental in developing in-house technology based solutions for their upcoming movie Delhi Safari that has extensive use of realistic fur. The film is directed by Nikhil Advani and co produced by Krayon Pictures and People Tree Films. Anand started his career as a flash animator in 2000 and then progressed to a junior artist at Maya Entertainment Limited. He then moved to Prana Studios as a CG artist and later headed their Character FX Team.