AI 2014 Feedback

“Hi everyone!

We had a wonderful with you guys at the Festival. It was wonderful to meet both professionals and student in such a collaborative and inspiring event. Thank you for your offer, time, energy and generosity. We will never forget it.

We both loved the casual and friendly atmosphere of the festival. Great work!

Thank you all for everything!”

Normand Lemay & Griselda Sastrawinata
Speakers at Anifest India 2014


“TASI-Anifest 2014 was a wonderful event and extremely well organized. The students of Srishti and myself had a really good time and are very fortunate that we could attend the event.

Anifest India 2014 stood as a grand masterclass of the kind that we as a school could probably not think of putting together. Hence it was an invaluable education for our students. The focus on content and the inclusion of filmmakers and professionals outside animation was a splendid idea. It is crucial that animators are forced to come out of their solitary and closed working spaces to embrace influences of live-action, contemporary/fine art practices, sound artists/musicians and academic discourse on narrative, story, myth etc. (as was facilitated by Mr Pattanaik).

A big thank you from me and my students and we look forward to surely being present in the next event, perhaps in larger numbers.”

Sandeep Ashwath
Faculty Film and Animation, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology – Bangalore


“This year’s Anifest India was just amazing and a 100% success in terms of knowledge that we got. So firstly congratulations for the great event.

Secondly, i have a request. I wanted to learn some more about motion graphics (which is commonly used in TV channels now-a-days), graphic designing and all new things coming up in this field like info graphics. I hope that will be useful for others too.

Thanks :) “

Lakshi Mehra
Arena Animations, Mumbai


“Attended 1st year…
but can remember for years the events and seminar was just truly awesome…
liked the criteria the topic …the artists, the movies, the editors, the concept.
the graphics..
in short liked the whole event n wish to attend all future events .
thank u TASI for the events and the knowledge you shared for us…”

Divakar Vinda
ViVA Animation, Virar, Mumbai

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  1. i am a student of animation…. i love tasi festivals because tasi connect student to direct animation industry….. thank you sooo much

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