Successfully Furring The Animals in Ahmedabad

Gujarat gave TASI a warm welcome. More than 380 attended session on the 27th of February, encouraging TASI to announce plans for more sessions in Ahmedabad.

The ‘Fur in the Jungle’ workshop by Anand Bhanushali in Ahmedabad on 27th February was an eye opener for students and professionals alike who are looking to begin their careers in Character FX, which includes Fur, Hair, Foliage and Cloth.

Keeping this in mind, the fur workshop was designed using as an example a character from the upcoming animated feature – ‘Delhi Safari’. The session covered the entire process of fur creation from pre-production to post production and all the things in between – i.e. modelling, the actual creation of fur, as well as lighting and compositing of fur.

Anand also laid a great amount of stress on the story itself. He explained the importance of fur in character design and how, by tweaking a few attributes in the fur, you could show different personalities, which complement the overall character design. Anand also showed how the same system of fur with a few minor changes can be used to create foliage (trees, bushes etc.)

‘Fur in the Jungle’ turned out to be quite an extensive and intense technical plus creative session. Students were thrilled to learn the technique of creating feature quality fur and bombarded Anand with a barrage of interesting questions, mostly about lighting and rigging for fur. TASI’s first workshop in Ahmedabad turned out to be super-successful and a highly interactive one that left the audiences begging for more.

3 thoughts on “Successfully Furring The Animals in Ahmedabad

  1. it was really nice to have a tasi in Ahmedabad.
    A the workshop was truly a good good…
    we would like to see tasi again in Ahmedabad……..:-)

  2. Hey why u people r running after 3d only.. I m a 2d artist and why cant ahmedabadi people have a 2d workshop from TASI?

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