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Anifest India 2009 – Sessions

Fun, interactive and informative sessions have been the trademark of Anifest India for years now and this year too, we promise to bring you some really exciting masterclasses and workshops during Anifest India 2009.

The sessions for the revised dates are :

1. Concept to Screen for Feature Productions

A comprehensive session about the process involved in an animation feature production. This session explains ‘A Character’ and the kind of design changes and evolution that takes place while creating it right from drawing boards to finally having it rendered and on screen. Further the session will also cover the technical processes and making of a robust pipeline required to successfully complete a feature production.

Speaker: Anand Bhanushali, Krayon Pictures

2. The Organic Face of 3D CGI

This session is about character volumes, form and deformations during movement. A look at the structure of the human face with comparisons between real and toon faces, the session will compare good and bad models of the human body. Common issues when a mesh deforms during motion will be shown and simple examples of how rigs can be modified to create more believable creases around joints and large body areas will be demonstrated.

Speaker: Vivek Ram

3. Character Animation & Story Telling

This session explores how a better understanding of story can help you bring out more character and empathy in your animation. Using examples from classic films, we will break down concepts such as film structure, scene structure, subtext, character arcs and point of view. Your job as an animator is telling a story and this class will help you animate your scenes keeping the big picture in mind.

Speaker: Bill Miller, VCL

4. Entertaining India – 1

The session aims to explore the future of creating content in India and also for Indian audiences. Watch and learn as those who have managed to cross over, share their secrets to success.

Speakers: E Suresh, Famous Studios and Rudra Matsa, RME

5. Animation E-Learning

eLearning is growing as a massive industry, and animation has become a staple component of it. The requirement of the animation techniques and style may be a bit different from the conventional ‘entertainment’ domain, but the fundae remain the same. This session will present an array of the existing styles and forms of animations prevalent in the eLearning domain, with a few case studies.

Speaker: Sameer Sahasrabudhe, IIT

6. Comic Tomic

A deeper look into the dark side of some shy people or a candid chitchat with few comic book storytellers! A variety of Indian comic book artists will present their respective comic books (projected on the big screen) and take the audience through their stories, their emotions, tips, and behind the pages!

Speaker: Sekhar Mukherjee, Anindya Roy, Sarbajit Sen

7. Animating for Tele Channels

Understanding the genre of TV content that is catchy, creative, out of the box and plain whacked out. From Show packaging to commissioned projects get the gyan from those who are creating the most memorable content on TV today. Its Gen Next – up front and personal.

Speakers: Piyush Raghani, MTV India / Manish Sehrawat, Sheetal Sudhir, Channel [V], Rajiv Eipe

8. Entertaining India – 2

Indian content has arrived on TV and in this second part, we further explore the finer points of reaching your next big idea to the screen.

Speaker: Rajiv Chilaka, Green Gold and Ashish S K, Big Animation

9. The Art of Stereoscopy

Showcasing the art of creating stereoscopic movies, in this session we will see a short animated clip rendered for stereoscopic projection by a student of NID.

Speaker: Pradeep Soni

10. Beyond Entertainment: Simulations

Unraveling the mysteries behind real life simulations. There’s a career in this too. Step away from the world of entertainment and see the possibilities of using your talent in recreating reality. From defense to gaming, real time simulations are here.

Speaker: Rajat Ojha, Zen Technologies

11. Behind the Scenes – VFX

Our favorite presenter is back again, this year too with some more surprises. Share the experiences on the making of some of the recent biggest block busters from Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Speaker: Sony ImageWorks

12. Art to Animation

A demonstration using digital technology to design and create a character using a live on-stage reference. The session will illustrate the various facets of character design for different media such as Film, TV, Theatre and Print.

Speaker: Vijay Raut, Bombay Arts Society

13. Voicing for Animation

The importance of voice casting for characters and visual story telling. Catch the master of voices in a session that promises to be a once in a lifetime experience. The voice behind some of the most memorable content on TV and animated films is sure to give you an earful.

Speaker: Chetan Sashital

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* Please note that all programmes are subject to the availability of the speakers and TASI reserves the right to modify the schedule at any point in time. Any changes will be announced on the TASI website.

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