Fisherwoman & Tuk Tuk – Balancing Creativity with Sustainability

TASI's Animation Workshop for Children in Hyderabad on 15th March 2015

This 25th April, Nilima & Suresh ‘Eeks’ Eriyat of Studio Eeksaurus teamed up with TASI for an exclusive screening of their latest short film – Fisherwoman and Tuk-Tuk.

The screening was followed by a presentation on the making of the film and a straight from the heart talk by Suresh about pursuing your passion while battling with the harsh realities of life as they attempt to sustain a mid sized studio and build a successful brand.

"As artists, creators, film makers we are always caught up between what our heart tells us to do and our mind veers us against. While we must thoroughly enjoy what we do- there is the reality of survival and sustainability that we can not ignore in order to keep doing what we enjoy. Which is where the dilemma lies- that elusive ‘Balance’ between the passion and the practical.

This is a humble attempt at sharing our journey of pursuing our passion while battling with the realities of sustaining a mid sized studio; while doing commercial work and keeping in-house projects live for many years and wondering ever so often if we are doing the right thing!

The completion of 'Fisherwoman and Tuk-Tuk' seems like things have come a full circle and this is just the end for a new beginning."

- Nilima & Suresh Eriyat