Registration for Anifest India 2011

PLEASE NOTE: Advance registrations for Anifest India 2011 have now been closed.

For TASI Members:

  • Please check your membership status here and ensure that it is valid till 27th August 2011.
  • If you are a TASI member whose membership has expired, kindly renew your membership at the earliest by contacting us.
  • Please remember to carry your TASI Membership Card with you and also a valid ID card ( student ID card if you are a student).

For Non-members:

  • You can spot register for Anifest India 2011 on 25th/26th/27th Aug by arriving at the venue an hour before the start of the event.
  • SPOT REGISTRATION for Students is Rs.300/- and for Professionals @ Rs.600/-
  • Students are requested to please carry their IDs to avail of student registration/memberships.
  • The pass must be kept safely till the event. In case you misplace it, we will not issue a duplicate pass.
  • If you have an Anifest India 2011 special invite/pass, you can upgrade to a membership by paying the difference at the event itself.
  • Seats are subject to availability and on first come first served basis. Please be there on time

For more information on registrations / memberships / renewals, please contact RAVISH on (+91) 93209 54118.

9 thoughts on “Registration for Anifest India 2011

  1. I’m coming from Bangalore. residing there is a problem for me since i don’t know the place. can you please suggest any hotels nearby where i can stay.


  2. i registered a few days back…but i haven’t received any confirmation mail yet…do i need to re-register or can i register at the event directly ?
    also…my tasi id shows its valid till august 2011…so i assume thats till the end of month..right ?

  3. i just wanted to knew cant Tasi people put a online registration process so that we can register or renew our membership online.. its very hectic to go to these centers n register or renew..n it takes lots of time also…please think about it…


    1. Hi Brahamjot,
      We do have a registration system in place where you do not need to go to a center. You just need to go to the Join TASI page and download the form from there. You can make the payment at any HDFC branch and send us the details by email. Courier your registration form to us. THe step-by-step process is explained on the Join TASI page too.

      We do not have online registration because for 2 reasons – (1) Most students do not have credit cards which are required for online registration, (2) TASI is a not-for-profit entity. he transaction charges for online payments are very high and therefore not feasible for us.

      Hope you understand.

      Team TASI

  4. 2 weekdays?? :(
    come on guys!!!! How many working pros can make it on Thursday and Friday? Fri-Sat-Sun would’ve much much better.

    Anyways, best of luck with all the event! Thanks you for it! I know that it’s pure hell to arrange everything at that magnitude. The past events that I’ve attended were very well organized and conducted professionally.

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