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8 thoughts on “Thank you for subscribing to updates

  1. Hi TASI!

    Anifest has been great so far! Loved all the sessions, can’t for 2mrw’s.

    Am really upset that Nate Wragg couldn’t make it:(:(:( As am sure you all are too. Please do get him to come down soon. I’ve been an avid devotee of Disney’s Pixar for many years now and one day hope to join them, I know its a long shot but I won’t stop trying!

    Thanks a lot for having Mr. E.Suresh! U should have more sessions on Content Development:) It was really enlightening and encouraging to hear of their journey through Animation during the early nascent years.

    Keep Rawking!
    ~ Reshma(“,)

  2. hi, tasi
    i m from arena vashi. i attend the anifest 2009 of and i really impress from that but, why should not show the telecast on any channel?or why we are not start a animation channel for the student,so we get a platform to show our work or display the skill what we learn in the animation world…!
    once again thanks allot for beautyful function….!

  3. I m proud to be an Tasi member here onwards. The sessions held by Tasi were really very helpful.I’ve seen the ever best animation society built up by your comitee members and volunteers.HATS OFF to the TASI organisation.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! to all the members of TASI for organising such a big event fabulously. Specially it is a great opportunity to the students of all the corners of the country to attend such a professional seminars. Next time I’ll bring all my students as well as the professionals. You guys Tony, Vaibabh, PJ and other members deserve national recognition in this field. My best wishes is always with you and looking forward for such great more events to come.

    Wish you all a happy Vijaya Dasera and Deepawali in advance.


    Roshan k. Ghising, Darjeeling “Queen of Hills”

  5. I enjoyed Anifest 2009…It was informative, great fun, & i could meet many new friends from animation field here….Looking forward to participate in the next forthcoming workshop..:)..

  6. Anifest 2009 was a major success… for students like us who r beginner in this field of animation, anifest proved to b a great source of learning….

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