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i had an awesome time at anifest, …i cant wait for it next yr …and i was really upset when it ended …i just wanted more ….thanks a lot for all ur help and support…even though the stage was so huge and i was sweating and at times, i felt that i was talking to myself coz i couldn’t see the audience at all…..but when ppl told me how much they enjoyed the session…there couldn’t be a bigger reward than that ….till we meet again …thanks once again!

Delwyn Remedios
Speaker 2008 – Sand Animation

I compliment you on the manner in which the TASI managing group has organised Anifest India 2008. For a prospective as well as a practising artist an important need is the ability to interact with other such artists and to share experiences of those who have done great work. Anifest India is already established as the place that will happen. This year, Anifest India has also shown the animation industry has come of age. Much more than 1000 people attending the programs each day of the 3-day long week end showed how intent the individual artists are. The participation in Q&A was another revelation since there were so many questions which were relevant. The presentations were well done and were informative and enjoyable at the same time. The venue was very apt but I wonder if most of the participants got to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the IIT Campus, considering the event went on so late into the evening every day.

You have to now anticipate you will soon run out places to hold Anifest India as the response is going to become even more overwhelming in future.

Great effort, great result! Best wishes!

Kanakasabapathy Pandyan
Graphiti School of Animation
Graphiti Multimedia Pvt Ltd———————————————————————————————————————————-

Hi Guys,

I enjoyed myself at the event and thank you very much for organising this religiously every year and for allowing me to talk my brains out for 1.5 hours on something that I love talking about.

My main comment would be to make the sessions more interactive. I have myself never been to an animation lecture and don’t think would be able to sit through one. The only way to talk about animation is to discuss it in a forum. I understand that there are too many people to hold a meaningful discussion but then we should try for some higher degree of interactivity than the Q & A. Maybe you organise a class on stage with 10-20 senior students or professionals or a discussion session between 3-4 members of the industry where its not all presentations. The other comment would be the AC. Its too hot in mumbai :)

Just my 2 paise.

Great event! Great vada pav.

Manu Ittina
Speaker 2008 – Acting for Animation


I think Anifest India should roll as it does. progress and inventiveness will happen on the roll. I think you guys are the best thats happening to animation in India, specially so because it allows multi faceted concerns of our trade to be voiced. There is a far more serious part that this event is playing. Unlike the tomfoolery of other blighted enthusiasts, Anifest India and TASI are the front line recorders of our animation industry and its coming of age. I like this!
I would like to join TASI

Prakash Moorthy
Speaker 2008 – Animation Art Appreciation

dEAR Maniacs
I agree completely…kudos to you maveriks and keep the ball rolling. Best thing about TASI is it’s truly democratic and non bias and more of all the “laughter in the air” spirit of true animmaniacs…a rare site as some other glossy seminars and events I experience the ‘BOREDOM”.


Viva Solidarity,Viva TASI.
Speaker 2008 – Comic Art

Anifest India 2008 was a rocking success, as usual!! It is only at events like these that one realizes that our Indian animation industry is almost doubling in size every year. Kudos to the Anifest India organizing committee and volunteers for their selfless contribution in making a difference.

Tehzeeb Khurana
MAAC Junior Toon Club

AniFest08 was Superb …If i did not came there to attend, it could have been a loss for me…last day when every one left the hall…it was very hard to leave all the friends and that location….It was so touching for me….It was that amazing….This is my first tasi event I was attending….Hopefully i will be attending other events too….for that am planning to shift my stay here to mumbai sir….I was that much taken away with animation…Very well organized event…I attended FICCI FRAMES 06 AND 07…But I never felt that closed than ANIFEST 08….TASI And all Volunteers Efforts need to be Appreciated…….Still Please convey my best regards and congratulations for all other TASI Members….I was so sure that I WILL NEVER GET DISAPPOINTED COMING ALL WAY FROM HERE KOCHI FOR THIS 3 DAY MEGA EVENT…..Thanking you once again…

Sreejith From Kochi

I am a student from IADAS institute,Pune. I had attended Anifest 2008 and I really liked the festival and especially the Sand Animation and your anchoring!

I would like to know if I could subscribe to your website so I would get to know the information to upcoming events about animation organised by TASI……..

Hanish Vinod Tejwani

The Indian Academy of Digital Arts & Science Pvt.Ltd.(IADAS) congratulates you all for the wonderful event of Anifest India 2008.It was professionally organized, disciplined & fully controlled knowledge sharing event. Our 33 students / staff enjoyed it

Rajesh Khele

I would like to take d opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for conducting a rocking event…it was fun being wid u’all… anifest india was simply amazing.. and ppl were supportive n helpful and co operative hope to see u’all again …and looking forward for more n more events..

Taher husain, Pune

Congratulations!! for the successful TASI fest. Sumeru students enjoyed the workshops.

Vice President
Sumeru Academy of Digital Arts

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