Preproduction For Animation

Here are the pictures of the TASI session on Preproduction for Animation held at the P C Saxena Auditorium in IIT, Mumbai, on the 31st of May, 2008.

The Venue : P C Saxena Auditorium, IIT, Powai, Mumbai

Attendees registering for the event

Packed Auditorium

Lots of Questions!

Rudra Matsa

More Questions…

Uttam Pal Singh

Clearing Some Doubts

Santosh Sawant

Santosh Sawant showing his clay model used for a Regional Channel TV series for kids

One thought on “Preproduction For Animation

  1. This article was very helpful.However though i find that not many an openings are being offered or it could that the pre-production is considered low level in the animation/vfx industry pipeline.I love pre production .especially making the storyboarding.Its what i am good at.Maybe the launch of the official Previs Artist Society in January 2010 will provide the previs artist in India some boost.
    And I want to thank Mr. Sanjeev Waeerkar for the appreciation and the tips and the book ,thank you sir.
    Neelabh Bisen-
    student of MAAC Campus,
    Kanpur (U.P.)

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