Preproduction For Animation

Here are the pictures of the TASI session on Preproduction for Animation held at the P C Saxena Auditorium in IIT, Mumbai, on the 31st of May, 2008.

Speakers: Uttampal Singh | Rudra Matsa | Santosh Sawant

Venue : P C Saxena Auditorium, IIT, Powai, Mumbai

One thought on “Preproduction For Animation

  1. This article was very helpful.However though i find that not many an openings are being offered or it could that the pre-production is considered low level in the animation/vfx industry pipeline.I love pre production .especially making the storyboarding.Its what i am good at.Maybe the launch of the official Previs Artist Society in January 2010 will provide the previs artist in India some boost.
    And I want to thank Mr. Sanjeev Waeerkar for the appreciation and the tips and the book ,thank you sir.
    Neelabh Bisen-
    student of MAAC Campus,
    Kanpur (U.P.)

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