Send your short animated films to India’s premiere animation awards. All entries received are previewed by a panel of eminent industry professionals at a special screening where the jury shortlists films for the final competition.

The shortlisted films are screened at the festival for voting by the audience. Votes are counted on the spot and the entry receiving the most votes is declared the winner for that category.

In case of a tie, one winner per category will be decided by members of TASI’s Managing Committee.


Competition Category Code Details
Student short films S Animation films produced / directed by students
Independent Professional short films I Animation short films self-produced & directed by professionals
Commissioned films C Animated ad films, promos, packaging, music videos, public service films – paid for by others

Maximum duration of films: 10 mins
(Films of longer duration will not be considered for the competition)

Submission Details
DVD (.VOB format) or DATA File [(1920×1080) or (720p)]
Courier Address: As per updated submission form

ONLINE Format: 
.MOV / .AVI  / .MPEG / .MP4
(1920×1080 or 720p – H.264 compression)

  • Upload your file to any online storage facility
  • Send us the DOWNLOAD LINK at: tasionline1 (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Subject line of email: TVCA19-<category code> , e.g TVCA19-C 

Process for ONLINE submission: (Please read carefully)
1. Download the submission form – link below
2. Fill in all the details on the form
3. Upload a scanned copy (min 150 dpi res) of the completed submission form along with your film.
4. Ensure the Name of the film on the submission form is identical to the filename of film that is being uploaded, e.g if Name of the Film on the submission form is “Cotton Fields“, then ensure that the uploaded file name is “Cotton Fields.mov
5. Upload your form with the filename
TVCA_Form_Cotton Fields.pdf / jpg
6. Please provide a download link to your film & submission form. Films that cannot be downloaded along with their respective forms, will not be included in the competition. 

Last Date for entries: Sept 30th, 2019

Submission Fee: Free

Validity of Films: Only films made after Aug 1, 2018 are eligible

Rules and Regulations:
• Each film MUST be accompanied by its respective entry form duly filled. Entries with incomplete forms will be immediately disqualified. Download form here.
• Films sent as entries will be added to the TASI archives.
• TASI reserves the right to use any/all of the entries for its promotional activities.
• Students have to provide a letter from their institute certifying validity of film(s) for student category.
• TASI reserves the right to accept/reject entries at its discretion.
• The Viewer’s Choice Award consists of 1 single trophy per category.
• In case of a tie, one winner per category will be decided by members of TASI managing committee.
• Each physical entry to be submitted on a separate DVD.
• Each online entry to be submitted as a separate file.
• Submission can be under any 1 category only.
• Entry must be a standalone film, clip or sequence. Campaigns and episodic series will NOT be considered.
• In case of episodic series, each episode may be submitted as a standalone entry.
• The prizes have to be collected from TASI by the winners within 30 days from Anifest India 2019, failing which TASI reserves the right to award the winnings to the next best film. All applicable taxes, levies, transportation and other costs to be borne by the respective awardees.
• Decision of the Society regarding any/all of the above will be final and binding on all parties without prejudice

BET Award

If you wish to also apply for consideration to the BET award:

  • Please follow this link for ADDITIONAL criteria.

Send your queries to: info@tasionline.org

19 thoughts on “TASI VIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS 2019

  1. Hi. my name is subarna mondal.please can you tall me the last date of submission?And the entry fees for student films?

  2. Is my film valid for competition if the student film was started in 2017 and got completed only in 2019.

  3. It says that episodic series should be submitted as standalone films, but the rules also say that episodic series will not be considered. Could that be explained in a bit more detail?

    1. There is no series category and a standalone episode may be submitted as a film provided it falls within the stipulated time duration.

      1. I see, thank you! By the way, by animated films, are you considering mediums like stop-motion and pixillation as well or just 2D and CG?

  4. What if the submitting film is made by multiple students? And for the BET award, the same application form has to be send to ‘bhimsain@climbmedia.com’?
    Thank you.

    1. for clarifications regarding BET, please write direct to Climbmedia on the email provided. For student films under tvca, it does not matter if multiple students have worked on the film. You can submit it.

    1. Center has to validate that you are current students of the center providing the letter. Please read the submission guidelines, they are clear on requirements.

  5. Hi, I am trying to fill in the form digitally on Adobe Acrobat DC, using the Fill Form tool. It’s not allowing me to enter any text and gives a message saying the form is password protected. Is there any other way around it?

    1. Please read the guidelines. Download the form, print it and fill it by hand. Scan it and send it across with your film. Make sure the name on the form, file and film are the same.

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